Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Support

"Every moment she gave felt like she witnessed me in my process and walked beside me and my little one as we found our way."

  Hi I'm Jen, 

The prospect of giving birth can be overwhelming if not daunting for any expectant mother. I remember! You have so many questions of the unknown and are probably hearing many things you wish you hadn't heard. Maybe you even feel alone in your questions. Maybe you are wondering where the heck is this village that you've heard of.

I'm Jennifer LeClair and I live in the west end of Toronto with my husband and daughter. When I was pregnant, I was lucky to attend the South Community Birth Program in Vancouver, BC. I also took an amazing prenatal yoga class every week taught by a doula. She empowered me so much that when I left her class I felt like I could go into labour on the street and everything would be alright! (spoiler, I actually gave birth in a hospital that supported all of my birth preferences and everything was still all right!)

One thing became clear to me while surrounded by friends, midwives, and doulas is that it really does take a village to get through pregnancy, labour, and birth. But with a new baby and no family around me, I felt alone and isolated after my baby was born. It was during this postpartum period I realised I want to support other women during their pregnancy and transition into becoming mothers. It is so important to me that you feel safe, comfortable and respected while in labour.  

It is just as important to me that you feel supported and validated postnatally during the new baby phase. Your village is actually all around you in Toronto and I can help you find it. You should not be without a village and I want to show you how to have one.

I know firsthand how important the presence of a doula can be. I love to see a mother empowered and able to trust her inner wisdom while recognizing and drawing upon her own inner strength. To witness the birth of a baby (and a mother) is something that I deeply cherish and am grateful to experience and be a part of each and every time. 

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