Birth is birth, no matter how it happens.

Birth Doula Care

You have the right to make empowered decisions about your pregnancy without judgement. Your birth experience will shape you and your life in enormous ways. I will support your decisions by explaining your options and providing pros and cons for each choice you need to make. While I cannot make those decisions for you, or make others respect them, I can help you find your own voice and be a supportive part of the health care team surrounding you on your birth journey.

Essential Support

  1. Two prenatal visits, approx two hours each
  2. Continuous labour and birth support
  3. One to two hours postpartum, assisting with breastfeeding
  4. Postpartum visit 
  5. Text, email and phone support

Investment: $1200 + tax 

High-Risk Premium Support

  1. Three prenatal visits, approx two hours each
  2. Accompany with you to appointments
  3. Continuous labour and birth support
  4. One to two hours postpartum, assisting with breastfeeding
  5. Postpartum visit
  6. Text, email and phone support

Investment: $1400 + tax 

You also have access to my book lending library ($20 deposit)

50% deposit is required upon hiring. Payment plans for the remainder are available but must be paid by the 36th week, or second prenatal appointment. 

Please contact me for questions about sliding scale 

Toronto's High Risk Birth Doula

No matter what kind of pregnancy you are having or what your birth plan is. No matter the complications you may be experiencing or what your health care providers may be saying to you, you deserve a Doula who is confident and supportive. You need a person who can help you understand what is happening during a time you when you may not feel supported. We will look at all the options together and I'll answer all your questions while discussing pros and cons for each option.  I'm going to work with you and your health care team so you get the birth story that you deserve, even when everything feels medical. 

As the Doula for your high risk birth, we will go over what to expect with any meetings you may have with medical staff such as the Chief OB of hospitals. If you are having your baby in Toronto, but live out of town, we will talk about how this will affect your labour and what sort of options you may have if induction is planned. You can still have an empowered birth. I will help increase your sense of agency so you feel like you are in control and have a say in things.  Having a sense of agency influences your stability, and confidence. It enables your capacity to be resilient and flexible, in the face of conflict or change.

I offer nurturing, supportive, and empathetic and resource-sharing assistance to enhance your feelings of agency leading up to and during labour and birth.  Whatever choices you make, I will support them. 

And one final important detail about being your High Risk Birth Doula:

I work for you, not the hospital. 

p.s. I also support home births ;)  I'm badass that way. 

Jan 2017. Mount Sinai Hospital, just after Baby A. was born.

Want to have an empowered birth? Send me a message today! 

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