"Ain't no hood like Motherhood"

Postpartum Care 

I offer daytime and evening mama bear support for you and your family.

Hey friend, I can offer some or all of these services

  1. Information and referral resources
  2. Excellent listening skills. I want to hear how you are feeling and what you are experiencing as a new parent
  3. Help you get back into the swing of life
  4. Provide special assistance and support for the care of multiples, preemies, and aftercare of C-sections
  5. Baby care such as bathing, diaper/cloth changing, soothing baby techniques, baby wearing
  6. Monitoring for postpartum mood disorders, offer resources, emotional and practical support
  7. Breastfeeding support
  8. Set up and cleaning of a breast pump (if applicable)
  9. Preparation of healthy, simple meals
  10. Light housekeeping
  11. Unlimited email/text support
  12. Assistance in the creation of a postpartum plan
  13. Caring just the way you and the baby like, while the while you shower/nap/feed yourself
  14. Make you laugh
  15. I will tell you over and over that your baby is the absolute cutest


  • Four hours $100 + tax 
  • Ten hours $220 + tax 
  • Twenty hours $450 + tax 
  • Forty hours $800 + tax 
  • For different hours, please let me know in the contact form.

Sleep Well Mama Bear

Newborn babies need extra care and attention all night long which can make new parents extremely exhausted. Your body needs sleep as much as it needs air, water, and food. With my own mama experience and knowledge of infant sleep habits, I can ensure your sweet baby will be taken care of.

Ages: 0-4 Months old

Hours: Nine 

Fee: $270 + tax 

Post Partum Support

I'll be in touch within 24 hours.